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The closer to the end the more satisfying it gets…


The closer to the end the more satisfying it gets…

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boromir asking gimli about erebor and being genuinely interested in the ensuing two hour conversation

boromir answering legolas when he has questions about mortal life, describing the process of aging, and assuring legolas that it’s not as bad as it seems

boromir letting merry and pip lecture him about pipe weed and tea kettles

boromir being more than just the man who succumbed to the ring

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It doesn’t matter how well-written, developed, and deep a character is, there will always be a group of people in the fandom that will reduce that character to 2 or 3 traits and then misinterpret everything they do based on those 2 or 3 traits which may or may not even be accurate to that character.

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my life is like a bad US version of a really good show made in the UK

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  • *misses school one day*
  • *misses a fight*
  • *misses a breakup*
  • *misses 12 assignments*
  • *misses a dog riding a skateboard*
  • *misses the shooting of archduke Ferdinand*

Favorite Marvel Characters 12/15

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Just reminding you that sexy beast and this nerd are actually the same human being. I’m so done with this man.

adorkable villain

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Actor Tom vs Real Tom

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Dean O’Gorman: Forever being a little shit in Stephen Hunter’s vines

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My help?

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